How To Select Cheap Sofa Beds

When your family or friends visit you and decide to sleepover, it would be a good thing for you to have a sofa bed. Sofa beds are common these days. They can double up as a sofa and when the need for an additional bed arises you can transform it into a bed. Most homes are looking for cheaper alternatives. You can find plenty of sofa beds at a cheaper price but have comparable quality to those expensive ones.

You would want to take into consideration the size of the sofa. The bigger the size the more costly it is. They come in almost the same sizes as ordinary beds. It would depend on how often and how many your guests come for sleepover. The ideal thing for you to get is the mid-sized variety. It will not be too big and not too small for your guests. Next is you have to check the mattress material used. Cheap sofa beds often use lower quality materials. You need to check the mattress if it can withstand the test of time and the number of people sleeping on it. You would also have to check the manufacturer. Well known brands are much more expensive compared to emerging brands. You have to check if those new brands have higher complaints which would mean low quality products. There are some new manufacturers that produce quality products. It would be a good practice to check first before buying their products.

There are some stores online that offer special discounts on these beds and even offer free delivery. Try checking out their products first and compare with other similar products from different stores. This way you would be able to have a good information on what to buy.

Another way to find these cheap sofa beds is to look for wholesalers. They have a lower price compared to retailer stores. You need to locate if there are wholesalers available in your area. If you find one then you need to check out their products.

Before buying anything, you need to have all the details in check. The size you want, what kind of materials are used and most importantly how much are you willing to spend for it. Remember that if you are looking for cheap sofa beds you need to trade-off quality for price. With these in mind you can choose the right one that would fit your budget.


Sofa Buying Tips for Your Living Room

There are no set rules in buying a sofa. It’s all about personal taste and preference but unless you want to replace your sofa too quickly, you have to answer these questions to determine what’s right for you:

1. Sofa Size: The size of your sofa may not be determined by the space you have but by whether you live in an apartment, a house, on the ground floor or upstairs. You need to know the maximum height and width of your doors, stairs, elevator and hallway to make sure the sofa gets into your home.

Some sofa manufacturers can build around the above or supply their sofas with bolt on arms or in small pieces to be put together in situ.

Other things to consider:

2. Upholstery material (leather, fabric or PVC): Choose material that matches your life style, that looks good, can hide soils and will last you long enough to recoup money spent!

To get the best from your sofa, determine:

* How the sofa will be used?

* How often it will be used.

* Are there animals and kids around?

* What the room traffic will be (how many people will use it at any one time?)

If you answered yes to most of the above, choose textured and heavy pattern materials. These will last long and hide stains and accidents by you and the kids.

Don’t forget that leather outlasts fabrics by 4 to1.

3. Money Spent v Quality: That a sofa looks good and (or) is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it
will give you a good return on money spent. Apart from needing to replace it quicker, a badly
constructed sofa may be bad for your health. This is particularly true for people prone to bad backs.
It’s important to check:

* The workmanship and how the sofa is constructed. You don’t have much say in mass produced sofas whilst bespoke and handmade can be specific to your needs.

* Internal components and cushion fillers used

* Quality of the upholstery. Your sofa must look and sit good. Is there enough padding? Check that patterns match the cushions and skirt, that stripes aligned at the edges.

* Warranty period offered.

4. Creature Comfort: The comfort of your sofa is paramount. Every one sits differently.
So ask your self the following:

* What’s the best sitting posture for your life style (slouch or upright)?

* Does the sofa offer the best for your sitting posture?

* Is the sofa as comfortable as you want it?

* Are the seat height, the depth, the arm height & cushion fillers correct for your life style?

Tips to Buying the Right Sofa

Buying sofa cushions isn’t a one, two, three and decision made type process. There are a number of important elements you need to bear in mind to ensure you choose the right cushions which are going to meet your particular needs and requirements create an impact and make a comfortable seating space for you and your family this year and for many years to come.

First know what sofa cushions you can purchase and how each one will provide you with comfort and relaxation. The first is foam sofa cushions, which are often the most popular choice, especially for outdoor use. All-foam cushions tend to be firmer. They are made from high density foam which reduces the risk of your cushion covers wrinkling. You will notice that sofa cushions made from all-foam have perfect cushions which are smooth without noticeable wrinkles. These are best suited for outdoor use combined with a high quality cover that is fade and water resistant.

Spring down is another type of sofa cushion you may be presented with when visiting your furniture store. These cushions are softer than the all-foam options. They are made of coils with a foam covering and retain their shape exceptionally well. These cushions work very well if you plump them up each day, making them look soft, comfortable and inviting at all times.

Down is exceptionally popular for those looking for soft and luxurious sofa cushions. Down flattens very easily and can lose shape. These are not ideally suited for outdoor use, but rather for an indoor space where you want to provide yourself with a luxurious sofa where you can sink into it and relax with soft seating and cushions that hug you.

In order to maintain your sofa cushions, you will want to plump them daily, helping them regain their shape and create a stylish sitting space whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

Once you have a good idea on the material you want your sofa cushions to be made of, you have to start focusing on cushion covers. Cushion covers are what gives you those splashes of colour, provides personality to the space and gives you the perfect finishing touch you have been looking for.

Focus extensively on the quality of the material used for the sofa cushion covers. Speak to the supplier or manufacturer to identify what fabric blend they use to ensure it is strong, durable and able to provide you with years of use.

If you are going to be using your sofa outdoors, then you will want to ensure the covers you choose are not only made to the highest quality using the finest print techniques, but that they are fade and water resistant. Often you are going to forget to take your cushions indoors, this is completely understandable, but you need peace of mind that in the event you forget your cushions outside and it pours with rain, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Depending where you live in the world, fade resistant material can make a huge impact on how long you can enjoy and use your cushions. Some areas are prone to extended periods of scorching sunshine and even cushions on the inside, just inside the window are not safe. Fading is a serious problem which you want to try and avoid at all costs.

Always take your time when buying sofa cushions to ensure you choose the right size, fabric and material to provide you and your family with years of use and enjoyment.

How to Choose a Sofa for Your Living Room


Sofas come in different sizes, from loveseats to sectionals. Therefore, it is important to measure the area where you want to put the sofa. Make sure there is still enough space to walk around. If you consider buying a reclining sofa or sofa bed make sure that the sofa still fits into the room when it is fully reclined or unfolded.

To find the right size think about what the sofa will be used for. Is it mostly used to entertain guests or watch a big game with a bunch of friends? Or will it be used to host overnight guests or spend time with your family?


The style of the sofa should fit to the existing décor of your home. If the existing furniture has a more traditional look a modern sofa might not be the best choice. In general, it is advisable to pick a sofa before you buy the rest of the living room furniture. This way you can make sure that the sofa becomes the centerpiece of your room that determines the style and look.


As with the style make sure that the color of the sofa matches the color of the existing furniture. However, the right color also depends on your living situation. If you have kids or pets you should consider buying a sofa with a darker color, on which stains are not that visible.

Since a sofa is a big investment you also want to make sure to pick a color that does not leave you boxed in. White for example is timeless and can be combined easily with almost every other color. Make sure, however, to choose a material that is somewhat stain-resistant and easy to clean. Cream, biscuit or brown are also great choices that look warm, classic and are always in style. Gray is also very popular and easy to combine with other colors.


The material of a sofa determines its characteristics, like strength, durability, stain resistance, and cost. Sofas are available in natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials are leather, cotton, linen, wool or sink. Synthetic materials are microfiber, faux leather and chenille. The right material depends on your personal preferences, budget and living situation. If you suffer from allergies, for example, you should consider microfiber since it does not attract dust and is lint free. Leather gives your room an elegant touch and is easy to clean and maintain, though more expensive than other fabrics.


Probably one of the most important things to think about before you buy a sofa is how much you are willing to spend. Prices for sofas range from a few hundred dollars to 5,000 dollars and more. So set a budget upfront and stick to it.