How to Choosing Dining Room Furniture Sets

Choosing furniture for your home is a weighty decision. When exploring dining room sets, it’s important to find the one that fits your needs while matching the other decor in your house. Many people also want to ensure that the pieces they purchase will remain strong and beautiful for many years.

Size Choices

The size of dining room furniture is one of the most important details to consider. Two factors will affect the size you choose: the size of the room and the number of people you wish to accommodate at the table. The first consideration will be the dimensions of the room because this will determine the size of the furniture. The shape of the room is another consideration because narrow dimensions may present a challenge for some sets. Select furniture that allows at least 36 inches between the outer edges and the walls. For even more comfort, allow between 42 and 28 inches between the furniture and walls. Every person sitting around the surface should have at least 24 inches of space for comfort. If you really want everyone to feel at ease, give everyone 30 inches of dining space. People will appreciate an extra 12 inches at the corners of rectangular tables.

Standard Sizes for Rectangular Shapes:

– 72 inches will seat 6 people.
– 96 inches will seat 8 people.
– 120 inches will seat 10 people.

Consider Shape

You have several shapes from which to choose. The two most common shapes are rectangular and circular. Some people prefer a circle shape, believing that this shape facilitates better conversation. It’s easier to fit more people around the table with a rectangular shape. If you add leaves to a circular table, it will become an oval. An octagonal table is another option.

Style Features

Styles vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, you might choose a trestle table when creating a country look in your home. These dining room sets are often constructed out of reclaimed wood to give them a rustic and primitive appearance. Benches may line this type of furniture for informal seating. More traditional options include wood with a rich and glossy finish and ornate carvings on the legs. For dining room sets with modern appeal, consider metals and glass for both legs and tops.

Functional Considerations

The way you use this furniture will determine what you need. For example, if you like to have large family gatherings, but your immediate family is small, you will need to have a table that will expand with extra leaves to accommodate guests. An additional option could be a circular drop-leaf table that expands out for more people and folds down for smaller groups. If you like the intimacy of a round surface for small gatherings around a meal, choose a circular design.

The options in dining room sets are nearly limitless once you begin exploring and shopping for this furniture. Do your homework before you make a purchase to ensure that you love what you buy for many years.

Tips for Small Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is a place where you relax after a long tiring day. So it should be furnished in such a way that it feels like a welcome abode. It is a place which should be tranquil and where you can put your feet up and forget all tensions and worries. Although all of us would like to have a big bedroom with a king sized bed and pretty bellowing drapes, it is not always possible. Most apartments have very small or tiny bedrooms that require a lot of creativity and ingenuity to fit all necessary furniture and furnishings. Choose furniture that is in scale with the dimensions of the bedroom. One of the biggest mistake that home owners make is to cram a small bedroom with large furniture pieces. This makes the bedroom appear smaller than it actually is. Also, make sure that the style of furniture is minimalistic with clean lines and is not overly ornate.

Before choosing furniture for a small bedroom, you should first remember some basic elements of interior design. As lighter shades reflect more light, paint your bedroom in muted and light colors to make the room look more spacious. You can also use sheer curtains in pastel and neutral hues in materials such as chiffon and muslin which will provide you privacy and also help to give the room an airy feeling.

Furniture Ideas for Small Bedroom
The Bed
The most important furniture in a bedroom is the bed. You simply cannot get a large king size bed with a huge headboard and make it the focal point of the bedroom. This will take up the entire space of the bedroom and you will have lots of difficulty in placing other essential pieces of furniture. It will also make the bedroom appear cluttered and will ruin the relaxing atmosphere. So you have to choose the bed with care.
Choose a bed whose dimensions matches that of the small bedroom and whereby after placing it you can still move around the room comfortably and still have space to place your wardrobe.

You can use a platform bed that has a low height, as this makes the bedroom appear larger than it is. You can also choose a box bed that has ample space for storing bed linens and other knickknacks. If your bedroom is really tiny, and you do not have the luxury of opting for night tables, then design a headboard that has an inbuilt shelf to store your books and also has a recessed light for reading.

The Wardrobe

An essential bedroom furniture that any homeowner can’t do without is the wardrobe. Avoid using wardrobes that takes up an entire wall. Instead opt for armories and wardrobes that are vertically inclined. This not only minimizes the amount of floor space used but also is very useful for hanging such items like long dresses and suits without any fear of creasing. The top shelves can be used for storing handbags, rain gear, shoes and other items that are not used frequently.
You can also use mirrors on the wardrobe doors to act as your dresser and it also helps to open up the space. Always think of innovative ways in which you can use bedroom furniture styles to enhance the look of your bedroom.

Other Essentials

You will also need to furnish the bedroom with other essentials like a dresser and chest. Opt for dressers and chest that have a simple design and without too many carvings. One of the most useful small bedroom furniture plans is to opt for furniture such as the bed, side tables, wardrobe and chest in pure white.
If you have pale colored walls like a mint green or icy blue, white colored furniture can give you a dramatic look with a spacious feeling. You can then provide assents of color in the bedroom by using colorful rugs, pillows, lamps and picture frames. This will give your bedroom a romantic and ethereal look and you can further heighten the appeal by using soft sheer drapes.
Small bedroom furniture arrangement should be such that it creates an illusion of space. The best furniture layout for a small bedroom is to place the bed on one corner of the room instead of placing it bang in the middle. This will give you more floor space and let you place another furniture item like a comfortable armchair or a love seat. If you have the space, you can also group together a couple of small chairs with a low coffee table along the window to create a cozy nook. Whatever be your style aesthetics, remember to keep your bedroom neat and clutter free.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bedside Table

Did You Know?
In earlier times, the main function of a bedside table was to contain a chamber pot. It was often referred to as a commode.
A bedside table plays a significant role to complete the bedroom furnishing. It comes in handy to hold the alarm clock, a couple of your favorite bedside books, a night lamp, and a few other essentials. End tables, as they are often referred to as, can be used to either complement or accentuate the look of the room.

Besides, a bedside table can also be used as an additional storage space to store prescribed medicines, tissues, or even linen. It can also be used to house your cosmetics and in your child’s room to store books, toys, and accessories. A multipurpose table is better than a mere artistic piece, don’t you think? A bedside table, for that matter, ought to be one that not just embellishes your bedroom furniture but also serves a useful purpose.

Usage Matters

A Book at an Arm’s End
A lot depends on how you plan to use your side table. If you are planning to use it as a stand to place your night lamp, you can opt for a smaller table without drawers, while a table with drawers can be rightly used to store essentials. The benefit of having a side table with drawers is that you get to stack away your cosmetics, paperwork, and store essential medications close at hand. Simply put, an end table with drawers or shelves works as an additional storage space, while one without drawers ensures your room looks elegant and neat.

Layout Matters

Blend into the Layout of the Room
Consider this: the minute you decide to purchase a side table, keep the layout in mind. You do not want to end up with an oversized side table in a relatively congested corner or a puny table lost in a large room. Make sure you measure up the space between the bed and other pieces of furniture to avoid a headache later on. Ideally, the furniture layout should not just enhance the overall look of the room but also allow ease of access to things kept on the table.

Attention to Symmetry
What’s the look you want to achieve? Do you wish to make the table the focal point of the room, or you wish to shift the focus away from the table? Depending on this, the table you choose will either blend seamlessly into the furnishing of the room or will end up making a bold statement. Tables placed on either side of the bed will render your room a smart and sophisticated appearance.

Proportion Matters
Ideally, a side table complements the space; hence, it is an absolute compulsion that it is of appropriate size. A bulky table placed in a delicately designed room could seem relatively out of place, just as an inappropriate-shaped table will draw attention rather than blend seamlessly into the room’s furnishing. A circular table sure does look elegant but it ends up eating up more space than a square/rectangular table would.

Your Style 

It all boils down to what your style is about. You can go bold and make a huge style statement or tone down and blend it; the choice is yours. Circular tables or huge block tables are sure to spruce up a large room.

Height Matters
The height of the table does play a decisive role when it comes to the appearance of the room. Besides, the height of the table also decides how comfortable you will be while using it. A low table will give you lesser storage space, while a higher table will make it easier for you to pick things from the shelves and drawers.

Finish Matters
What kind of finish are you looking for? A white painted table is sure to blend into the décor of the room, while a wood finish will give it a warm appearance. Laminated tables, on the other hand, will give you a huge variety to choose from and render a modern, uber-cool look to your room.

Design Issues
Think of the style statement you will be making when you choose an exquisite side table. Think outside the box, and get your home a stylish table instead of the regular square tables that adorn most homes.
Do not forget to do a thorough research on the cost of the tables, before you actually invest in one. Also, remember not to overdo the décor of your room, or else it may appear gaudy.

Tips to Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning and maintenance of different types of outdoor furniture can vary to an extent. Many people prefer aluminum or plastic furniture, while others still cherish the luxury and comfort of wooden furniture. No matter what type of material you choose, it is important to keep your outdoor or garden furniture clean, and protect it from the harsh environmental conditions. So, here are some useful tips for you.

Tips on Cleaning Garden Furniture

Cleaning outdoor or garden furniture is a bit difficult, as compared to indoor furniture, simply due to the fact that garden furniture has to withstand the harsh outside environment. Therefore, it is more susceptible to dirt, dust, and stains.

Plastic Furniture
The plastic patio furniture is made of resin plastic, which makes it more durable. But some porous finishing can make it a bit vulnerable to stains. For cleaning such furniture, you can use a mild detergent solution. Use a sponge to apply the solution and wipe the furniture. Now, rinse off the detergent with clean water.

Patio umbrellas and hammocks can also be washed with dishwashing detergent and warm water. After washing them, place them in sunlight and allow them to dry out completely. For removing mildews from the umbrellas and the furniture, you can mix a small amount of bleach in the detergent solution. However, it is advisable to not use bleach for cleaning hammocks, as it can weaken the fibers.

Aluminum Furniture
Aluminum furniture generally comes in two forms – painted and non-painted. The non-painted aluminum furniture may lose its luster over the years due to oxidization. However, this type of furniture is resistant to rust. To restore the former shine of the furniture, you can use a metal polishing paste. The abrasive materials present in such a paste will help remove corrosion caused by oxidization. Remember to avoid alkaline cleaners like ammonia for items made of aluminum. However, vinegar can be used for cleaning them.

The painted aluminum furniture can be easily cleaned with a mild soap or detergent solution. Before cleaning, always remove the cushions. It is important to wipe the cushions regularly and keep them dry. Otherwise, mildews can develop, which can be quite difficult to remove. For cleaning cushions, soak them in a solution of detergent and water. Then rinse them in clean water, and let them dry in sunlight. A solution of detergent and bleach works well for mildews. However, bleach can damage the color and fabric of the cushions.

Iron Furniture
The main disadvantage of iron furniture is that it can rust easily. But nowadays, you can find rust-resistant iron furniture as well. If your iron furniture is not rust-resistant, then inspect it regularly. If you find rust, then sand it immediately, and apply a rust-resistant paint. Use a mild detergent and gently scrub the furniture. Then rinse it using a garden hose. An automotive paste wax can also be applied to provide a protective covering against moisture, that can help avoid rusting.

Wood Furniture
It is better to keep wood furniture inside during the winter days, unless they are made of teak or cedar wood. Teak wood is very expensive, but it can withstand wetness and harsh environmental conditions. Use a mild detergent to clean the surface occasionally, but do not use abrasive cleaners on teak wood.

It is better to keep wood furniture clean from dust and grime on a regular basis. Before applying any wood cleaner, make sure that it is suitable for that particular type of wood. First, use the cleaner in a small inconspicuous area, before using it to clean your furniture. Occasionally (once or twice a year), treat your wood furniture with oil to maintain its majestic look.

Finally, do not forget to refer to the manufacturer’s guide on cleaning and maintenance, before applying anything on your furniture, be it wood furniture, iron furniture, or plastic or aluminum furniture.

Choosing Outdoor Dining Table Design

The patio is without doubt an extension of your living room. It doubles up as a space where you can catch up with family and friends over lunch or dinner. Having a garden has its benefits, one of which is that you get to entertain guests to sumptuous barbecue dinners and lazy summer afternoons. While having settees and hammocks is what comes to mind when one thinks of extending the living room to the garden, you can very well place a dining table with a couple of chairs to have a truly outdoors experience. Besides, we are all aware of the old adage―a family that eats together stays together.

Dinner tables are indeed the best possible places to catch up with each other’s lives, which is why taking the dinning activity outside is even more beneficial. Besides, sitting out in the open will help you clear your mind and refresh your senses.

Ideas for Outdoor Dining Tables

Set in Wood

Wood is one of the most preferred materials used to make dining tables. Dining tables can be designed as picnic benches, tables for two, or circular tables―you name it, and it can be done. Wicker dining sets or dark wood table tops work fairly well to do up the outdoors.

Sculpted from Stone

Stone tables emerge clear winners when it comes to withstanding the elements of nature. Hence, they serve as the best option you have in hand. You can opt for an entire stone unit or only the table top that is made of stone. The only maintenance needed is to wash the tables regularly, to keep the formation of moss at bay.

Glass-top Tables

Glass-top tables are suitable for covered patios and decks. While glass-top tables enhance the look of the dining area, always remember that they are fragile. Metal-framed glass tables are the best bet if you are planning to invest in a glass-top dinner table. Weatherproof wooden frames will also work to enhance the look of your garden.

Basic Essentials
Ensure that everything you place outdoors is weatherproof.
Outdoor furniture needs to be of very good quality to last for a long time.
Pergolas, awnings, and trellises can be incorporated to cover the dining area.
Use lighting that will keep bugs away.

Enhance the look of your garden and dining area with decorations. Put in a few centerpieces and your outdoor dining experience is sure going to be the best. With all this in place, I bet you would love to eat outdoors more often.